The Basketball Warehouse was established in April 2011 to provide a place for kids to play basketball, get extra help in their classroom studies, and do their homework after school. The Basketball Warehouse is just that–a warehouse in an industrial park located in Largo.  It is situated across from Pinellas Park High School, next to Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School.  The Basketball Warehouse is a 501 (c)(3) Florida non-profit organization.

We provide tailored training programs that center around basketball to satisfy each student-athlete’s individual needs in a positive, encouraging environment. Our goal is to develop the student physically, mentally, and spiritually. As a result, students of The Basketball Warehouse will have more energy, less stress, better focus, improved strength, and a stronger sense of self. We strive to help our children reach their academic and life potential through sports.

Mission Statement

The Basketball Warehouse mission is to teach life skills through basketball and academic mentoring: discipline, perseverance, respect and teamwork; and how these principles can be applied in everyday life, when making healthy life choices.

Vision Statement 

The goal of The Basketball Warehouse is to revolutionize the current models for after-care programs. By mixing exercise through advanced state-of-the-art basketball training techniques and educational tutoring provided by mentors for children from diverse backgrounds. We endeavor to make sports and learning fun and to encourage hard work, discipline, teamwork, and healthy competition.


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