Saturday League Starts Soon @TBW

TBW is offering an exciting new basketball league!  League games will be played Saturday mornings, giving you or your child a chance to play, grow, and expand against other players from all over Pinellas County.

The Basketball Warehouse is fast becoming the place where young athletes can gain new skills, knowledge, and the discipline to surpass their competition.  League games for all grade levels (1-12) are now open for registration.

For questions or registration, contact Coach Derek Williams at 727.698.4211 or Coach Allen Williams at 727.235.4726.

The Basketball Warehouse Saturday League

February 18th through May 26th

Grades 1 and 2            9:00AM
Grades 3 and 4          10:00AM
Grades 5 and 6           11:00AM
Grades 7 and 8           12:00PM
High School                1:30PM

League fee is $50.00 each 3 month period. *There is a one-time fee of $25.00 for a reversible jersey. The basketball league will be  Saturday mornings for all grade levels (1-12).


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